Donnerstag, 20. August 2009

NYC - New York City

After a nine hour flight Thomas and I finally arrived at the JFK airport in New York. Five more hours later we checked in at the L-Hostel in Harlem. This part of the city is mostly inhabited by afro-americans and hence we felt as we were part of a rap video while walking through this district. Everywhere were groups sitting together and listening to Hip Hop music which came out of a ghettoblaster.

On our first day we were walking from our Hostel in Harlem down to the south end of Manhatten. To reach our destination we had to cross the Central Park first. Because of the sunny and hot weather the park was full of people who enjoyed the Sunday in the Greens. After the Central Park we followed the famous 5th Avenue and after eight hours (with breaks) we finally reached the end of Manhatten and in front of us was the Statue of Liberty.

The following days we did some other sightseeing such as taking the ferry to Staten Island, enjoying the view from the Empire State Building or strolling along the Broadway or 5th Avenue. Of course we also ate a lot of very “healthy” American food such as Hot dogs, Burgers or American style breakfast. However, my favorite kitchen is still the Korean and especially the dish called “Tteockbockki”. Therefore we went once to the Korean Avenue and ate a very delicious dinner in the middle of Koreans.

Boredom never appears in New York and therefore the days past too fast for us. But fortunately we will go back to the Big Apple for New Year's Eve.