Dienstag, 8. September 2009

First impressions

After a little delay, we finally arrived on the 20th of August in Pittsburgh. First we got our Freedom Cards which are quite the same as the Students IDs we know in Switzerland. Then, we moved in our dorm which is at Marshall Hall. The rooms are not as comfortable as they usually are in Switzerland but they are ok. In the meanwhile we also got a fridge to have cool beers all day long. Because of having beer in our room, we are not allowed to have visitors under 21. It is also forbidden to play games like beer pong on campus because our University wants to be a serious one.

We took 5 different classes this semester which are on Monday evening, Tuesday and Thursday. On Monday evening we have Spanish but so far we haven’t spoken any word in Spanish and instead of three hours we only had 40 minutes of classes. On Tuesday we have first Investment Analysis 1 which is quite tough so far. Afterwards we have Free Market Economics which is interesting because it is more a vivid discussion than a boring taught class. Then we have usually one and a half hour time for lunch and in the afternoon we took the class Consumer Behavior. On Thursday we have those three classes again and in addition we have Management Simulation. There we had to build groups and every group stands for one company which needs to be managed.

Instead of one final exam at the end of the semester, we will have a lot of quizzes, assignments, mid-term exams and final exams. Therefore, we have always enough to do on Monday and Wednesday and can’t just chill out all the time.

To stay in a good shape we go to gym three times a week. Otherwise we probably would gain a lot of weight with the food they serve us. Although we love Rips, Steaks and Burgers, we already miss good Pasta or other European food. Especially the one from the
Restaurant Traube ;-)

Last Friday we finally could buy a car. It is a Pontiac Sunfire and it cost almost $ 2,500. Due to the fact that we don’t possess a Pennsylvanian driving license, our American friend had to sign the contract with me. The only problem we faced with our car is that the display is defect which should show how much gas is still in our tank. Therefore we never know if we suddenly run out of gas.

Because we finally had our car, we went to South Side last Saturday which is the district to go out in Pittsburgh. There is one main street packed with bars and clubs. Some American friends showed us the best bars and therefore we are now ready to rock Pittburghs nightlife. A beer usually costs around $ 2.00 and a whiskey mixed with coke $ 2.50 ;-)

So, that were our experiences of the first days and weeks in Pittsb

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  1. sounds like a lovely car. i suggest you have always an extra can of gas with you, just in case :)
    guess what, i have no final exam at all. in all my four classes i have between 30-40% of the final grade built up in participation :) that's what i call a good choice.

    but i'm glad you're having fun (as we have here). hope to see you guys soon either in pittsburg or in babson.